Aluminum cases

  • Name: Aluminum cases
  • Model: YT-001
  • Size: 250*200*52 MM
  • Weight:
  • Availability:

Quick Details


Quick details
1, Item No. YT-001
2, Dimension: 250*200*52 MM
3, Customized cases are welcomed

Packing & Delivery
Packing: bubble bag, carton or custom
Delivery: 30 days


For this style of aluminum case, the profile is all aluminum. We could change the material of top and bottom panel and the size of length and width , but we could not change the height easily.
For the usual height as below:
1, 32 MM
2, 40 MM
3, 52 MM
4, 72 MM
5, 100 MM.
We usually make brief case with this style of aluminum frame. Or some small aluminum cases which are used to put light documents or small equipment.

For this aluminum case, the height is 52 MM. And it is used to put some samples which are showed to customers. So, the top panel is transparent, it is better for customers to see the inner samples when we do not open the cases.
The handle provides convenience when we take it.

If you need the similar aluminum cases, please feel free to contact us.