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HQC Aluminum Case Inc is the leading china manufacturer of custom aluminum case,flight cases,alumium cosmetic cases & waterproof cases. Also we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of aluminum tool case, aluminum brief cases & aluminum gun case, leather tool cases,aluminum equipment case,poker chip Case,and any more.we have developed Pelican cases and Leather cases with our partner, it enlarges the styles which the customers could choose.

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  • Aluminum Cases

    For aluminum cases, their best feature is that the dimension could be changed easily to fit your products. Most of their frame is aluminum, but other parts could be changed. So, there are three big styles of aluminum cases. First one, all the side pa...

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    Aluminum tool case

    For this aluminum tool case, it used to put different documents. The best feature for this aluminum case is that it has pure black finishing. For usual aluminum case, the frame of case is silver



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    Custom aluminum case

    We usually have two styles of custom aluminum cases: one is usual aluminum case, the frame is aluminum and panel is MDF+ABS or aluminum. Another one is pure aluminum case, nearly all the parts of case is aluminum. For usual aluminum case, they are m...

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    Aluminum flight cases

    The Aluminum Flight Cases we offer are typified by a choice or foam lined or partitioned interiors, recessed spring-loaded handles and case catches, numerous case styles ranging from hinged lids to removable single or double lids, front, top or rear ...

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    Aluminum cosmetic cases

    Makeup and cosmetics require a lot of care. Their containers are usually fragile and a break can lead to spills, messes and waste. Also, you may have a very large collection of cosmetics of many different types, and keeping them organized so you can get exactly what ...

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    Brief cases & Gun case

    Aluminum brief cases / aluminum briefcases are the ultimate option for sleek and commanding presentation cases and carrying cases. They provide protection and security for your important business needs and lend an aesthetic touch oth...

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    Waterproof Cases

    In 1974, Pelican cases / waterproof cases and products were founded by a passionate sport diver named Dave Parker. Dave Parker was the first to introduce an O-ring sealed injection molded Waterproof cases. Today, a waterproof case can be found in the...

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    Leather tool cases

    To save more cost for customers, we opened leather tool cases. Leather tool cases are more beautiful than usual aluminum tool cases and cosmetic cases. And the cost is less than them. It is their best features. Leather tool cases are made of MDF pane...

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