Aluminum case styles

Case Styles for Reusable Cases and Shipping Cases including Foot Lockers Trunks and Hinged Lid and Removable Lid Cases and some as Front & Rear Lid Cases

Be careful in Your Case Style selection.   We've provided a full listings of descriptions and renderings of all popular Star Case "styles."  We encourage you to take a few minutes to download and study the appropriate brochure(s) in Adobe " pdf" format by clicking on the following links:

Case style is one of the most important considerations to be decided upon prior to purchasing reusable shipping cases and containers. Imagine a case for a 200 pound laser printer that has no handles. Imagine again that you ordered a case for that laser printer and the "style" of the case was what is commonly referred to as a 'hinged lid' style. This style (Star Case style A) has a deep bottom section and a thin lid, much like a common foot-locker.

O.K., you go to load your 200 pound laser printer into the case - right? You hold the laser printer over the, say, 24" x 24" case opening after the lid has been canted up. What do you do?  "Bombs away," I think, is what we called it on the marble patch back in pre-school.

By this time you're already mumbling expletives about the company from whom you purchased this case.

A week passes - you arrive at the trade show site - and you commence unpacking your exhibit and all your show support computers, printers, whathaveyou. It's time to unload the 200 pound laser printer (a chore you've been subconciously postponing - right?)

The printer looks innocent enough as you gaze down into the opening of the hinged lid case. Now, you try to wedge your hands between the foam case lining and the 1/10th of a ton piece of high technology. If you're lucky, you might get a grip on something (a paper tray, a power switch, maybe the AC cord exiting the rear of the printer.) No luck, it just won't budge. Finally, you either turn the case upside down and attempt 'pouring' the printer out or you hire show labor ($ to help you get the printer out of the case.

The moral of this story - had you been asked the proper questions when ordering the case, had the case company with whom you transacted provided the right information to you rather than just quoting the cheapest and least effective solution to your packaging needs, then this whole fiasco might never have happened.


At Star Case, we're on your side. We want you back. We want your referral. We'll recommend the right case style for your application - whether it's a hinged-lid style A case, a removable lift-off lid style B or style D, a front loading style E, or a case with a two-part 'clam-shell' style lid - you'll be happy every time - our product knowledge and experience allow us to make this claim!