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HQC Aluminum Case Inc is the leading china manufacturer of custom aluminum case,flight cases,alumium cosmetic cases & waterproof cases. Also we specialize in the manufacture and distribution of aluminum tool case, aluminum brief cases & aluminum gun case, leather tool cases.

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    FG-033A Aluminum Cases

    For aluminum cases, their best feature is that the dimension could be changed easily to fit your products. Most of their frame is aluminum, but other parts could be changed. So, there are three big styles of aluminum cases.

    Aluminum tool cases

    For this aluminum case, it used to put different documents. The best feature for this aluminum case is that it has pure black finishing. For usual aluminum case, the frame of case is silver.

    Aluminum tool case

    For this style of aluminum tool case, it is designed to put different sets of tools. There are two tool panels in the lid, one is removable , another is glued in the lid. In the panel, there are two elastic bands which are used to hold the tools. So, the two tool panel could hold too many tools for craftsman.

    Aluminum tool cases

    For this aluminum tool case, most feature is that it has three different parts could be removed. So, you could change them to meet your requirements. In the bottom of case, there are five dividers. All of them are removable. So, you could change the volume of compartment all by yourselves.

    Aluminum tool cases

    For this aluminum tool case, the wave foam in the lid to protect the tools in the bottom from moving. The cut-foam in the bottom, it has the same shape as tools. So, it could protect the tools better. If customer just want to put some tools and customer will not put other tools or some things into the case, we usually use cut-foam.

    Aluminum tool cases

    For this style of aluminum frame, it could load about 15 KG at most. If the weight of the products or the tools which the customers want to put into is less than 15 KG, this style of case could be choosed. From the usual dimensions, we could find that the smallest inner height of this aluminum tool case is about 120 MM.