Poker Chip Case

  • Name: Poker Chip Case
  • Model: LPC-001
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Quick Details


A black leather case that holds 100 poker chips and comes with a security lock. This leather chip case is made of high quality material. A great way to protect your investment in style. The case has 6 divided rows and holds up to 50 chips per row. It`s designed with a black interior felt and an exterior briefcase style handle. The chip case also features two separate departments to store two decks of standard casino size playing cards.



Includes: 1 leather case
Includes: A set of keys
Black leather exterior design
Briefcase handle
Interior black color felt
Holds 100 pieces of poker chips
Space for 2 deck of playing cards


Poker Chip Case

A beautiful poker chip case is essential for safeguarding your expensive chips, playing cards, dice, dealer button and other poker accessories. When you shop for a complete set of poker chips, you would get them packed in an attractive poker chip case. But if for some reasons you do not have a case, it is good to buy one at the soonest. A poker chip case is very handy as it provides you the following advantages: It keeps your chips and other poker accessories organized at one place. It protects your chips from being damaged in the long run. You can track for any missing chips when you stack them in your case after the game. During the game, you can keep unused chips in the case. This will leave you relaxed to concentrate on your play.


Types of Poker Chip Cases

Poker chip cases come in a variety of designs and materials. Here we discuss some of the most commonly sold cases:

Aluminium case: Aluminium poker chip case looks very stylish and expensive. You can even carry it in front of your guest to make a good impression. Although different colors are available in this metal, silver is the most popular one.


Leather case: If you like the more executive look, a leather case can be the perfect choice for you. Unlike metals, leather does not produce annoying sound and therefore is preferred by many poker players. A leather case is more convenient to carry and gives a luxurious appeal.

Whenever you need poker chip cases, our designers could do their best to find the suitable ones for you.